Quality Service

Professional service provider for the industry

trust, efficiency and experience

A company born in 2007, composed of a team of professionals, in disciplines such as engineering, statistics, accounting and trained staff. We know the problems of companies in developing activities that are necessary to improve their productivity and are not their main activity; That is why we were born to provide these services as an outsourcing of them.

Associated Company to FORMEL D do Brasil


Quality Service



Prove that the outsourcing of services is useful, profitable and of quality for our clients, improving their competitiveness.


To be among the best in the market being recognized for our efficient and high quality work.


The best and fastest response on the market to quality claims.
Personalize the service according to what is requested by the client.


Customer satisfaction is the fundamental objective of Quality Service SA., in order to consolidate and develop its position as a leading provider of parts characteristics control and/or rework service in the automotive market. Therefore, the company is organized to understand, satisfy the requirements of our clients and comply with the applicable requirements, which are then reflected in formalized objectives, allowing the continuous improvement of the management system.

100% Satisfied Clients

One of the main objectives of our company is to always offer the highest quality of service to our clients. We are aware that it is only possible to achieve business success by offering an excellent service.